Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random Blathering

I made a cheesecake yesterday.  Josh told me it was a must do after we went grocery shopping and I bought cream cheese again without checking to see if we already had some.  After we were done shopping, we had about seven bricks of cream cheese in the fridge.  

Good thing, because I used the recipe for New York Cheesecake from the "America's Test Kitchen" cookbook and it called for 5 bricks of cream cheese.  FIVE, can you believe it.  That's not a heart attack waiting to happen. But it is ooohhh so good!  Apparently they do all that testing for a reason.  Everything I've made from that cookbook has been fabulous!

I called Josh on his way home to pick up some graham crackers for the crust.  When he came home he was putting the extra packages away and noticed a Brand New box of graham crackers in the cracker keeper.  Something tells me I am going to have to start actually checking for groceries before we shop!

Is this this new blogger background I put up giving anyone else a headache???

And I've decided that I am a better cook than Dream Dinners is, even though the convenience is nice.

Signs of Spring and ... Radiation?

These make me so happy!  This winter seems like it has been so very long and not considerate enough to give us much snow to play in.  I am so glad to see the beautiful signs popping open.

This is my vase of buds from Costco that finally opened  up! They are prettier when they are in focus :)

These beauties are in my front yard.

This is the one that concerns me a little.  This being four daffodils on one stem.  I've never seen this before and all of the flowers shooting out of this one bulb are multi-headed.  I've never been too worried about living near Hanford but...this I am not so sure about.

Taco Body

Overheard Boone singing, sounded like something about tacos.

Me: "What are you singing buddy?"

Him:  "The chipmunks song"

Me:  "Which song is that?"

Him:  "You know Mom, Won't you take me to funky town, taco body, taco body, taco body..."