Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Prock Family Vacation Day 5

The least planned and scheduled of our days!  Spent the morning at the waterfront and had lunch at Anthony's (the outside walk up window).  Boone ate some of a fish taco and Brody enjoyed his "chicken" as long as we loaded it in ketchup and didn't call it fish.

Went to Bellevue Square for more shopping and temper tantrums!  I ate a treat at this yummy place called Red Mango.  I highly recommend it.  I topped mine with Ghirardelli dark chocolate mini chips and raspberries and its supposed to be a bit healthy. Hard to go wrong with that!  

Prock Family Vacation Days 3 and 4

We decided to spend an extra day in Sequim rather than just take a single day at a beach, especially since we'd had that fun afternoon at the Spit.  Since Wendy planned to work that day, Josh and I took the boys and headed to Port Angeles to play.  Not much playing to do since everywhere we went to explore was closed.  Bought some great books at a small book store and spent some time playing at a park too.  Oh, and Burgers at the 101 Diner!  Sorry we didn't wait for you Joe!  A yummy dinner of take our thai food from Sawadee (a close second to Papaya Thai in Portland, we are lacking for good thai food in the Tri-Cities). We stuck around long enough the next day to get a few pics of Abby before she left for her first day of Kindergarten!  How is it possible?

We headed to Kent to drop the RV at the Kent KOA and off the the Space Needle we went.  This was Boone's one request (that and a new pair of Sketchers) of our trip before we left on it!

Brody trying to push over the sculpture!

A challenging self portrait on the windy, swaying deck while trying to hold the kids up!  We took the monorail for a ride and did a bit of shopping.  Needless to say, with these two, it didn't last long but I did get a trip in to Sephora for new Philosophy products!  

Back at the KOA for dinner and some fun in the little campground park.  The boys (and their parents) really liked these giant board games.  Boone was disappointed to learn that his mom was a clueless chess player and even more disappointed when we wouldn't let him take off with the pieces while Josh was trying to teach me!