Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prock Family Vacation - Day 2

The kids had a blast playing with the animals and riding their bikes all over but Josh couldn't hold out much longer for his coveted Sunny Farms Sandwich. We all got sandwiches to go and headed down to the Dungeness Spit for a picnic on the beach. It was really nice weather and the kids did pretty well!

Joe on his eagle perch!

We ended the day with more great food and a chance to meet some friends at a BBQ at Joe and Wendy's. Wendy and I had fun cooking and we both picked up some new recipes. It was so nice to meet the people who are such an important part of their lives now. And if they are chosen by Joe and Wendy as special folks to them, it goes without saying that they were great people! Looking forward to a Lake Roosevelt trip with Anna and Bill next summer!

Prock Family Vacation - Day 1

I'm a little behind but I didn't want to waste any of Schroeder Time on the computer. We finally left Kennewick on Sunday. After we were on the road for about 3 minutes Brody said "Are we almost at Indiana Jones?" I said "No Babe, We are going to Wendy's". Josh said "Wendy and Joe's" Oh! Wendy and Joe's / Indiana Jones - sounds the same to a two year old.

We had to stop in Auburn for gas and the boys had been sleeping for awhile. Brody woke up crying "I dropped it, I dropped my ice cream." Apparently it was a bad dream and the only way to console him to was to eat lunch at Dairy Queen. Bummer!

We finally made it to Sequim just shy of 3pm and had a great time just hanging out! We went over to see the cows and then Brody went for a little ride on Sage. Boone was a little too spooked to stay on for long.

Here's Brody checking out the infamous swing. No trips to the ER on our visit!

This is the amazing view from Wendy's porch! It is gorgeous - so peaceful.