Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a fantastic Sunday!

Love starting a Sunday with coffee made by my husband!  I used a new iPhone app called C25K (Couch to 5K) to help with my run today.  That and a playlist full of songs at 140 beats per minute made it a much more successful run day!  It was pretty nice that the timing/distance to Katie and Don's fit just perfectly.

I ran over an Josh drove over with the boys for Baby Michael's First Birthday!  What a fun thing to celebrate outside in the beautiful sunshine. I think that I am a pretty good cook but Heidi definitely has the baking strength in our generation of family members.  It must be genetic!  We had yummy cupcakes and Mike had the cutest ducky cake.

After we got home, I played ball in the back yard for awhile with my boys.  Josh claims that I hold my mitt wrong but I'd like to claim some spousal abuse for the amount of times I got hit today.  Of course, that means I'd need to call CPS on myself since I managed to hit Brody 3 times this afternoon, once in the forehead, once on the chest, and once in the mouth.  Poor buddy - I only brought on the tears once though!

Now I am so ready for bed!  Working on my 33 for 33 list - I am a little behind as I probably should have had it finished before my birthday.  We'll see if all 33 items get done by next April!