Tuesday, May 31, 2011

33 for 33 - Final Results

This is WAY late but I really wanted to recap my to do list that I made on my 33rd Birthday!  So 17 out of 33 isn't terrible but not really a big success.  I suppose building the house had something to do with it, not a lot of free time to be had (especially free time with Josh).  

  1. Run a 5K (Did a 2 mile race in July) (Finished a 5K in March 2011)
  2. Achieve a "normal" BMI (so very close, 2# away) (No more movement in this area, I'm happy with maintenance at this point)
  3. Wear a bikini - even if just in private (Do Tankinis count?  Didn't think so) (Again, not so much!)
  4. Take a photography class (Took one online - but haven't practiced much)
  5. Get a new tattoo  (no new ink, I'd forgotten about this one)
  6. Hike Badger 5 times (2 times so far) (Done)
  7. Eat more veggies daily (Done intermittently, didn't hurt that we lived with a veggie Nana for 6 months)
  8. Go on a weekend trip away with no kids (Adult weekend at the Roberts Cabin in June)  (Heading to Vegas this weekend)
  9. Take a family vacation (Not quite what we planned but we took a 3 day trip to Silverwood)
  10. Finish our shop (Done enough to count, still waiting for power) (Waiting for sheetrock and lights - but done)
  11. Move into our new house (I think I'll be cutting this one a little close) (Thanks to my fabulous husband, this one was done early)
  12. Plant a garden (Planted watermelons that froze and died - This one will wait until next year)
  13. Pay off the Tahoe (Would be moving along faster if we hadn't purchased a "new" truck) (Done in April, so it counts).
  14. Decrease non-mortgage debt (Moving right along - boat is paid off) (Decreasing - see above)
  15. Practice Yoga weekly (Fail)
  16. Scrapbook monthly (not so much) (Still not so much)
  17. Sew Something (No projects, everything was packed up for so long)
  18. Go Kayaking (Done - Black Lake in September 2010)
  19. Float the River (No, but I am so doing this in the summer)
  20. Go Wine Tasting (Nope)
  21. Sell our house  (Yay -we closed this week) (What a relief that was - moved out in August 2010)
  22. Go white water rafting (Nope)
  23. Finish 5 books on Good Reads list - not new additions (one down - 3 currently underway) (Yes!!)
  24. Smile More (I hope so, wrinkles are showing more so that much be a yes)
  25. Go on adventure walks with boys monthly (Not monthly, but more often for sure)
  26. Get a massage (Yes thanks to a major neck spasm)
  27. Build a piece of furniture (Nothing yet - maybe a dining table this year)
  28. Keep a one sentence journal for a month (Another one I forgot - would have been cool to do this while building the house)
  29. Monthly game/movie nights with kids (Yes - technology really helps with this at the last minutes)
  30. Finish my "Encyclopedia of Me" (Apparently I thought I'd have a lot of time this winter)
  31. Volunteer (Not enough)
  32. Improve/Maintain/Make New Friendships (Absolutely - this has big a great year for socializing)
  33. Make more desserts! (Yes - see #2 for results of this)
I really want to make a new list - maybe not so grandiose as 34 items this year!  I suppose I'd better get on it - a lot of the things on my list are things I want to do with Josh and some just for myself.  Maybe two lists are in order.  I also think posting them where I see them regularly would have made a big difference - let the planning and list making begin!!!

Looking Out for Mama

Yesterday we were getting in the car and Boone says "Dad, you need to change Mom's oil. Oh wait, never mind, you just hadn't started the car all the way yet!". I love that my little man is checking out my engine gauges and lights and looking out for me!  What a great kid!