Saturday, December 4, 2010


  • Was a day that our fish bowl was a little too small
  • My cautious oldest told me as I was leaving the 5th wheel with two baskets of laundry - "Mama be so careful, remember Daddy said the steps were soooo icy!"
  • I am doing ALL the laundry in the world
  • Both my boys are really enjoying an episode of Sesame Street - even without baby Michael around
  • I am going to pick out white paint for our cabinets and finally find the perfect blue for a few other spaces (I am stuck between Wythe and Thunderbird both of which are Benjamin Moore - which is further complicated by the fact that our painter is using Parker Paints).
  • I have officially decided 4 days (and no photos) into December that there will be no Daily December photo series this year!
  • I really want to run but am still scared of the ice.  Its been three weeks and I am cranky!  I am going to have to dig out the treadmill at the shop and find an outlet.