Sunday, June 1, 2008

Little Boy is Gettin' Bigger

What a day!  Feeling sad and thrilled at the same time.  My biggest little man tied his shoes today  and learned to ride a Two-Wheeler!  He's been working at both for the last week and we had a banner day this Sunday.  Josh was working outside today so I decided to try to help Boone for a bit.  We worked on balance without worrying about pedals and then on pushing off with the higher pedal.  That's all it took!  Off he went and I was running to keep up in case he went down.  It was so cool!  

Josh and I are really proud and so is Boone!  He and Daddy went right out to buy a 16" bike so that his little knees aren't up to his ears every time he pedals.  It took a little more getting used to but he's doing great now

That's it!  It is so time to put a brick on his head! He just can't get any bigger...