Monday, August 11, 2008

We Finally Did it...

Tonight is the second night without the BINKY...wish us luck. Brody hasn't really thrown any big fits but the problem is, he won't stop talking long enough to fall asleep.  Tonight both boys were tossing and turing and refusing to fall asleep and Brody whines out "But I love Boone"!

I said "That's great buddy" and Boone says "Oh, thanks Bro" and they wrap each other up in a hug with a kiss and Boone rubs Brody's back to go to sleep.  That's how I left them...45 minutes later, Brody is screaming at the door to their room.

He doesn't ask for a binky but needs to be rocked for awhile.  As I lay him back down, I am wishing for that blasted pacifier to plug up his mouth so he'll quit talking.  Boone is sleeping peacefully through it all.  I finally say "Close your eyes and go to sleep".  He flops his head to the side, closes his eyes and says "Wike Dis". I say "Yes" and he reaches for his brother's hand, wrenches it from under the covers and starts frantically manipulating Boone's fingers (as is his habit) like Annie Sullivan finger spelling into Helen Keller's hand when she first understood the word 'WATER".  It is an annoying habit but it seems to relax him.

Just as I think its over and I can sneak out.  He pops his head up and commands "Want some watuh".  I get him one small sip and he gulps it down and responds "Moy".  One more time with the "watuh" and he insists we change James Taylor to Jack Johnson.  I think he's finally out!  

I know I'll be back in there at 3 am playing out a similar scenario so I'll wish all of you sweet dreams instead.