Monday, August 31, 2009

Time for Change

Today was sort of Boone's first day of school! We had a small group conference to meet the teacher and settle in for 45 minutes. Boone is doing great but our little guy is taking it hard. It was really hard for him to leave for Angie's without Boone.

Brody was thrilled to see his brother when he got back (before 10 am) but the change was still nagging at him all day. He was so emotional when I picked him up and kept saying things like "It's just Boone's lucky day" or "It's only your special day". He has worked so hard to be like the big boys and now they are all playing soccer and leaving for school. It will take some adjustment for the little man, but he'll make it. He is going to start taking a backpack to Angie's too, just for his preschool projects. Less clutter in the cubby, that should make Angie happy :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I think Boone has found his sport! He is playing soccer for the first time this year and he loves it! It is also the first time he isn't playing a YMCA sport - we are trying Upward Soccer through my sister's church. Mostly the same FIFA rules and a really positive environment for all the kids. It is also great that practices and games are very close to home and my nephew is playing too! That makes one stop shopping easier for us and grandparents.

Boone is really showing skills as a defender. His mission is automatically to run back and protect the goal (no goalies in his age group yet). He loves a break away run down the field too, but he's yet to score a goal that way. We still need some practice with foot control but he is having a great time! He is so excited for practice and games every week-never pouts or whines. Definitely fun for Josh and me to watch! Can't wait until little brother gets to play too!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Wow - where has the summer gone? We took the boys to their first ever Seahawk's game this weekend. Good thing it was pre-season and the tickets were freebies! The boys loved taking the Sound Transit's Light Rail. Free parking and a cheap trip that let us off about a block from Qwest Field - what's not to love?

The stadium seemed empty until about 5 minutes before kick off - then it was packed! I love that field, the noise is great and so are the fans. Our seat offered a great view of a lot of dedicated season ticket holders and their great costumes. The wind kicked up so I bought a blanket and Boone and I snuggled. Brody cheered at all the right times during the game but was also very interested in bouncing on the seats and eating all of the redvines he could swipe!

They made it through half of the 4th quarter before we decided to head out and catch the train back to the car! Put a little dent in our wallets shopping at North Bend, especially in the Volcom Store. Lots of cute stuff for stylin' little guys and their dad!