Saturday, April 3, 2010

Making Dough

Thanks to the Pioneer Woman, I am going to attempt a few recipes tomorrow!  Can you believe I've only make real bread once before?  And that was before we were married (but right after I got my Kitchen Aid Mixer).  Pioneer Woman's famous cinnamon roll dough recipe is the same dough base for Hot Cross Buns and her Rosemary Dinner Rolls too!

Scalded Milk , Sugar, and Oil

So I'm making dough today and two different bread recipes tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

ETA:  I decided against Hot Cross Buns because I just couldn't get excited about raisins in my breakfast rolls, so Cinnamon Rolls it was!  And they were fantastic - hopefully the dinner rolls turn out as well!  Have a Wonderful, Blessed Easter!

Cinnamon Rolls on Easter Morning! (Brody was in a hurry for his)