Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Old Dog

Tug has managed to make it through this winter which I am so grateful for!  He looks and acts a heck of a lot older than 10.5 years old.  He always has...but it is hard to be as spry as his older sister.  His arthritis has gotten so bad that he is getting to be a pretty spendy dog to keep around too.  Poor guy can barely lift his legs to step up onto his bed if he doesn't have his medicine.

He has trimmed down a bit which is a never ending battle for the old blondes in this family!  But that does seem to help him out a bit.  He loves his food as much as ever, and continues to do his hippity hop off of his front legs when it might possibly be time to eat!  Every once in awhile, he gets a little rowdy with Elly, though she always manages to remind him who really is the alpha in our house (or beta I guess, as Josh truly is their alpha)!

He is still the best snuggler and could care less who lays across him.  Most nights you'll find the cat snuggled between his legs on his bed.  He feigns disdain, but I can tell he really does enjoy it.  I will really miss the guy when its time to let him go, though I am sure we will find reminders of his yellow hair until I am an old woman!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess Who Lost a Tooth?

I guess it probably isn't that hard to figure out.  I can't believe Boone's first tooth waited to come out until he was 6 1/2 years old to come out, especially since he was barely three months old when it came in!  It was unbelievably wobbly and loose but he refused to work it out.  Josh tried again and again and finally talked him into letting him wrap it in dental floss to pop it out.  He already has his permanent tooth half way grown in.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Went to a PTG meeting at school tonight - those ladies are working so hard this year.  Not sure I am ready to jump in while working and building a house next year. Maybe when both boys are in school...
  2. Trying to figure out my personality type, have no idea what I'll do with it after I know.
  3. Love the 39 Clues Series.  Well, we are still on the first book but I really like it so I think I will love the series.  I am secretly happy when Josh choses not to read it on his reading nights so I don't miss any of the story.
  4. Finished The Adventures of Frog and Toad this week.  How did I miss this growing up?  It was hilarious and both boys loved it.
  5. I'm not particularly into new music right now, I guess too busy with everything else.
  6. I'm getting really excited about the house building process finally.  That is probably because we are still living in a house.  We'll see if that changes - but for now I love picking out all the things that I want.  Designing the shop, making changes to the layout, tile ideas, molding, appliances.  And I really love the Josh is agreeing with EVERYTHING so far!
  7. So glad my family is on the mend.  Boone got the sickest and I am the hold out, never officially sick.
  8. Except for the sick crankies, I can't believe how big/old Brody is right now.  He is finally leaving the tantrums behind and remembering to use words and manners.  I guess he really is going to turn FOUR this month!
  9. Sad that my old Tug is so stiff and sore.  I happy that he made it through this winter but I am not sure how he is going to handle the tumultuous year ahead of us.
  10. Really want to find some time to walk/run this week, but I want the sun to come back first.


I took the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Test and had to laugh at the Career Choices.  I guess I am on the right track.

Strength of the preferences %

Public Administration
Hotel & Restaurant Management

Fashion Merchandising

Health Care
Health Care Administration
Radiologic Technician

Social Service
Social Work
Famous people of your particular type
Bill Clinton, Cindy Crawford, Frank Sinatra, Martha Stewart

Monday, March 8, 2010

Overheard While Josh was Putting Boys to Bed...

J:  Boys, guess what  I got today. It is something for you and you and me.
Brody: Ice Cream!
Boone: A book!
J:  No, remember what I said we were going to try to do this weekend?  I'll give you a hint, its noisy...
Boone: A horn, a toy.
J: And really stinky...
Brody: A new skunk!
(It was actually tickets to the Monster Trucks, but it took a long time for the conversation to make it there)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snow Buddies

On the Saturday of President's Day Weekend, the boys and I took a little adventure trip! One of my co-workers invited us up to her her cabin to enjoy the last of the snow before it was gone.  Josh had chores to do, so the boys and I took off to the Blues.
The weather was fantastic - the snow was starting to melt so everything compacted wonderfully.  It did make for some wet kids so it was a good thing we brought lots of snow gear to trade off.
Other than a few frustrations, they did great going down the hills and bringing their own sleds back up.
Boone learned how to use tools to make perfect snowballs!
And Brody learned to throw them with vengeance!
I even took a few trips down the hill with them too!
When the boys learned how to ride the Flexible Flyers, they were hooked!  I've gotta do some shopping for these things, they are awesome! 

Thanks to Nancy and Joseph for the great day of play and the yummy lunch that went with it!

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Post

Because my family is harassing me that there is nothing new on my blog!  I suppose that could be because there is so much new going on around here.  We decided to put the house up for sale in February which required a lot of time and effort to clean it up and out!  It is so spacious and uncluttered in here, it almost makes me think we might be able to stay (just kidding)!

We are also trying to sell our older 5th Wheel and bought a newer (used) 5th Wheel toy hauler.  This has meant lots of phone calls and moving things around.  The larger 5th Wheel will be a better situation for us since it is likely that we'll be technically homeless for awhile after we sell this house.  

In the process of planning to build - this week alone we met with a lender, a pole building designer, and an architect.  All this and we've had sick a childcare provider (so glad our Angie is feeling better, she had it pretty bad) sick husband, sick daycare kiddos, sick grandparents and currently sick my kiddos which of course means I am fighting a bit of a bug as well.  

We managed a quick trip to Portland for a bit of fun and wonderful and much overdue visit with the Watsons.  The kids and Josh enjoyed their night out at "Walking with Dinosaurs" too.  All in all, life is great but very busy.  Hope we are all feeling better soon!