Sunday, March 13, 2011


Outside My Window -Concrete stain is being pressure washed away on my patio!
I am Thinking - That I really need more furniture.
I am Thankful - For all the space that that furniture will fill.
From the Kitchen - Blueberry coffee cake in the oven now.
I am Wearing - Jean, a long sleeve tee and slippers - can't wait for warmer weather!
I am Creating - Lists and lists and more lists (and food).
I am Going - To Raptor Reef for Brody's birthday next weekend.
I am Reading - Lots of short stories.
I am Hoping - That our trip to Costco doesn't break the bank.
I am Hearing - Tom Petty Concert on Josh's new live streaming find Wolfgang's Vault.
Around the House - Outside might be painted next week.
One of my Favorite Things - My Kitchen!
A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week - Costco Trip, a cousin's birthday party, treats for Brody's birthday.