Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday

To my wonderful Mama and the best Gram any little boy could ask for! Thanks a million for everything that you do. I couldn't have survived my sick kiddo this weekend without you!

Hogs and Dogs

Speaking of food, we went to West Richland's "Hogs and Dogs" festival tonight. Lots of motorcycles and hot dogs! Very cool trick bikes and some not so talented face painters (actually, forearm painters). Met the Bland's and the Stevenson's to walk around for awhile.

Boone requested the Jolly Roger pirate on his arm so he could have a cool tattoo. You could see him looking back and forth between the example they had drawn on the poster and what was sadly taking shape on his arm. He was polite and said thank you even when she put GLITTER on it! Josh told him he liked the "stripper dust" on his tattoo and Boone turned to me and said "Mom, when can I wash this thing off?"

Since none of us like hot dogs, we left and went to the Brick House for Thai Pizza. I am thinking we'll skip next years event!

Total Foods

I am a total hypocrite when it comes to my kids and food. I completely admit it! Only certain very healthy things unless of course they are not very healthy things that make life easier like Kung Fu Panda Fruit Snacks and McDonalds. Yikes! So, this really cracked me up!