Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Laundry Helper

This old dog is so lazy!  He laid there, piled with laundry for at least five minutes.  
He only picked his head up when I knelt down to take his picture.  Tug is getting so old and its a lot harder for him to get around with his aching hips but he still brings us a lot of joy (and clumps of yellow fur every where).

Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Showin' Off..

My pretty new plate, my yummy lemon cake (a la Sequim Smith's), my new Nikkor lens (a la Christmas present from my in-laws).  What I learned was that yellow cake is very appetizing on "peacock" fiestaware and that I need a lot of practice with a manual focus lens.  
My dominant eye (also the one left open when I wink, since I can only do that on one side) is the one that I can't quite get a good prescription for.  Therefore, even with contacts, I don't see that well out of it.  Doesn't make for a good ability to focus.  Kind of like in high school photography...old manual everything cameras and a teenage girl who refused to wear her glasses made for bad pictures.  I can't believe I passed!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Technology Blues

I'm snacking on tortilla chips and hummus (actually it's dinner) and am watching Josh to his obsessive wire routing, spoiling and organizing as he gets ready to hook up a new TV. As geeky as we are, I should be really excited but I'm not. Not in the budget, not in the plans and certainly not helping me save for Maui.
I guess I should be grateful that we could actually replace our old one when it died but jeez. It's just one more thing.

I realize this is kind of a pointless post but Josh has been accusing me of neglecting my blog. And he blames facebook. Of course, facebook is pretty much at the top of his blame list for everything. He probably would have blamed facebook if McCain had won the election.