Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally - A Weekend at Home!

It sounds so boring but it is exactly what I needed!  Summers are so busy and we love seeing all of our friends but there is still so much to do at the house.  Saturday after my regular breakfast of champions (a vanilla latte and Luna bar) I mowed the lawn and tried to pull up crab grass.  I got a sunburn and very sore leg and back muscles for those efforts.  Josh entrusted me to do some experiments with lawn chemicals (not something I am usually a proponent of but we really need some assistance to get this yard up to our standards).  He  spent the day getting sheetrock up in the shop and moving things all around.  We also got 8-10 loads of laundry done too.
This morning we enjoyed yummy blueberry bagels from Thursday's trip to the farmer's market and introduced the boys to Styx! They are playing the "trust game" in the photo but I'm not sure they know that. Next up is local raised and butchered ribs smoked on Josh's Green Mountain Grill, if I can figure out how to use it! 

Memorial Cruise

Friday night was the first time the bugs have been out since Dave Sr. passed away last September.  Josh and Don got them all washed up and shiny and we had a little family cruise over to Richland for Cool Desert Nights.  This isn't the best photo (iPhone); we stopped for dinner at Azteca first. Nana and Grampa took the black bug with one kid; Josh and I took the Red Rag Top with the other kid.  Brody was so excited to wear the black beetle button. Spending some time in the cars was a great reminder of Grandpa Dave and how much of himself went into his cars - we even found an unopened pack of Marlboros and some Binaca!

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