Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calvin & Hobbes

The Prock's have a very strong affinity for Calvin and Hobbes. Apparently it really is genetic because tonight, before bed Boone states "I want to read the boy and the tiger". I wasn't sure what he meant (silly me) so he dissappeared down the hall to get "the book". It took him quite a while and after much grunting, he came down the hall with this.

There was actually a path in the carpet down the hall where he scooted the whole box set to his bedroom. This thing is very heavy and he had to lift it off of the second shelf on our bookshelf. He really wanted to read him some "boy and the tiger".

We Have One Sad Little Man

And it is all because of these (minus the back strap of course!). Daddy and Boone went out together about 2 months ago to buy the new flip flops for the season. Tales of these fabulous "Reef Treasure Chests" (or "Trunks" as Boone calls them) were regaled to all that would listen. He wore them every chance he got and last Sunday they were misplaced.

Boone swore he looked every where and that there was no way he took them off outside. Keep in mind that "looking everywhere" for a four year old boy, well male of any age really, consists of glancing around where their feet are currently planted. Anyway, no Reefs for the past two days but today Daddy found them...with the lawnmower. I have never seen this child so distraught. He is heartbroken. I feel awful, I really do but I really think he's learned a lesson today, he needs to be the one to mow the lawn.