Friday, February 8, 2008

Just testing out the...

Just testing out the Blogger with you on listen

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ETA: "With you" was actually supposed to be "widget" so I probably wouldn't use this function unless it was critical that something got blogged immediately and I really can't ever imagine that happening to me :)

Mama's Little Helpers

Just found this cool new website,, that allows you to call yourself (its toll free number) from your cell phone and leave a message.  It will transcribe this message and email it to you or put an appt on your google calendar or even a blogger or typepad post.  I'll have to try out the blogger widget in a bit but I have to laugh at the voicemail I tested out today.  

It does admit to only being fairly confident in the transcription but it should actually say "suckers". The "sacks" part is correct though. It was accurate enough for me to recall what I meant though. The calendar function worked great for those of you that use Google Calendar. I use it because I can access it at home and work which is helpful since I don't carry a palm pilot anymore. I can also use separate labels for Josh and the boys and then share them with Josh so we all know what is going on. Then I use Spanning Sync to sync my google calendar to iCal because I like using it a little better on my mac. Spanning sync works really well also.