Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This is What Our Day Looked Like...

Just after midnight, Boone came down to tell us that Brody was screaming at him. After a tough night getting them to sleep, I had run out of patience and just yelled at Boone to go sleep in another room. About 5 minutes later, Brody came down to tell us he had thrown up in his bed. Lovely…so after cleaning him up and cleaning his bedding up (luckily Josh woke up to help), we got him back to bed. I wasn’t so lucky - it took me another hour and a half to fall back to sleep so I read “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” by David Sedaris to pass the time.
We had to wake up early so that I could drop the boys off early in order to pick up mom and get her to her dentist appointment. She had to take a valium to help with the sedation efforts so she couldn’t drive. I amazingly made it to work, just in time. We had Brody go to school today, even though he was sick last night. We were very certain it was from the huge birthday dinner and two desserts he had partnered with lots of trampoline jumping and new Wii game activity. It was…he felt great all day! At work I got so busy that I forgot to pick up the boys from school before noon due to early release and then forgot that I had a conference call from 3-5 so I had to work late. I was so glad for the day to be done and just be relaxing on the couch.