Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hey There Blogland!

I feel like I haven't posted anything of substance lately.  Not that Boone's big accomplishments aren't substantial, but they aren't ME stuff.  With my new job, I feel like I am just scraping by for time.  Have I even mentioned my new job?  Well, I am back full time supervising the nurses that I work with.  Our previous supervisor retired and up I moved!  I think, ultimately that will be a good thing, its just a little exhausting for now!

My herb pot is growing great.  I've been cutting the green hair (chives) and making sun-dried tomato and feta omelets with it.  Yum!  Now I need to get some tomatoes rolling and use the cilantro for salsa.  I never have much luck with tomatoes but this year I planted an heirloom and a cherry plant in one of the wine barrels.  Wish me luck!  

I am so ready to spend some time on the river and by the pool this summer.  Brody is fearless (surprise, surprise) so that makes it a little tough to relax around the water.  Boone is swimming great but doesn't really realize he can touch the bottom now.  Josh picked up the Wii Fit last weekend and we've been having fun with that too, although he and Boone had a collision while trying to "head" the virtual soccer balls.

Josh is heading to work in Yakima about 1am today to get some work in during a shut down. He has another one next Tuesday and he isn't looking forward to either one.  I am so glad tomorrow is Friday though!  Hope you all have a great weekend!  Good luck to Wendy on her Big Run!  I am so proud of you!