Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Re-Cap!

We spent the evening in the Bland's neighborhood.  Huge score for the boys!  We didn't even go too far as the little girls were tuckered out pretty quickly.  Between the two boys, they probably have about ten full size candy bars, that should make Josh happy at lunch for a couple of weeks!  Betsy made cheese fondue for dinner and we had chocolate fondue to celebrate the completion of trick or treating.  And a way to get some more food in the Daddy's tummies as they chose to  tour the neighborhood with rum and cokes.  I decided that pound cake is WAY better for the fondue than the angel food I've had in the past.  Yum!

Here is our "Dirt Bike Rider".  He is so stoked that Boone's old riding gear fits him now!

A little Spidey love!

One of many poses all night long.  Boone is very insistent that he was not "bad" Spiderman.  He is trying not to become bad.  We decided the word "conflicted" was a better word to describe Dark Suited Spiderman.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween and one that was as warm as our was if you were toting kiddos around!