Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snow Buddies

On the Saturday of President's Day Weekend, the boys and I took a little adventure trip! One of my co-workers invited us up to her her cabin to enjoy the last of the snow before it was gone.  Josh had chores to do, so the boys and I took off to the Blues.
The weather was fantastic - the snow was starting to melt so everything compacted wonderfully.  It did make for some wet kids so it was a good thing we brought lots of snow gear to trade off.
Other than a few frustrations, they did great going down the hills and bringing their own sleds back up.
Boone learned how to use tools to make perfect snowballs!
And Brody learned to throw them with vengeance!
I even took a few trips down the hill with them too!
When the boys learned how to ride the Flexible Flyers, they were hooked!  I've gotta do some shopping for these things, they are awesome! 

Thanks to Nancy and Joseph for the great day of play and the yummy lunch that went with it!