Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Outside My Window -There is snow everywhere.
I am Thinking - That it really is time to say goodbye to old Tug. Watching him in this cold is so sad.

I am Thankful - That I have a garage to park in this winter.

From the Kitchen - Not much of anything lately, its no fun to cook when Josh isn't around to enjoy it (or to help me make the boys eat it).

I am Wearing - Snow boots with wool socks and some CAbi clothes.

I am Creating - Space and order after Christmas. No new crafty projects at this time but I'm trying to take more photos again.

I am Going - No where in this weather if I can help it.

I am Reading - Finally started Harry Potter with the boys and I'm reading Sister: A Novel which is riveting.

I am Hoping - That Josh makes it home for his birthday on Thursday and that he doesn't try to come if it stays yucky.

I am Hearing - Grunts and groans from kids playing too many video games.

Around the House -I still need a dining table but it really looks like a home after being here a year.
One of my Favorite Things - The kids getting excited again about My Job Chart.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week - Dinner out for Josh's birthday - a much needed date night and maybe a movie too.