Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Outside My Window -There is snow everywhere.
I am Thinking - That it really is time to say goodbye to old Tug. Watching him in this cold is so sad.

I am Thankful - That I have a garage to park in this winter.

From the Kitchen - Not much of anything lately, its no fun to cook when Josh isn't around to enjoy it (or to help me make the boys eat it).

I am Wearing - Snow boots with wool socks and some CAbi clothes.

I am Creating - Space and order after Christmas. No new crafty projects at this time but I'm trying to take more photos again.

I am Going - No where in this weather if I can help it.

I am Reading - Finally started Harry Potter with the boys and I'm reading Sister: A Novel which is riveting.

I am Hoping - That Josh makes it home for his birthday on Thursday and that he doesn't try to come if it stays yucky.

I am Hearing - Grunts and groans from kids playing too many video games.

Around the House -I still need a dining table but it really looks like a home after being here a year.
One of my Favorite Things - The kids getting excited again about My Job Chart.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week - Dinner out for Josh's birthday - a much needed date night and maybe a movie too.


Wendy said...

I love it when you do these. Makes me miss you though. The snow here has been crazy no school for Abs all week. Glad Josh made it back where is he working right now?

Carla said...

Josh is in Wenatchee. He's been there since September and will likely be there until April 2013 - two jobs. Can't complain too much, its work and he comes home at least once a week besides Friday! Just told him I want to see you guys soon if we can, have to wait until the weather breaks and make some plans!