Monday, December 29, 2008

Game On!

I feel like Brody has been breaking everything lately (and fibbing and tattling...) but breaking the Wii just hours after we got Guitar Hero was nearly the end of his short life.  He really wanted to watch the Grinch and instead of telling someone, he just crammed it into the already occupied opening on the Wii.  
So after getting very angry (us), perusing the web for a Wii repair blog (me), the purchase of a very odd screwdriver that still ended up being the wrong size (us), some very steady hands (him), and the tenacity to open the Wii case, remove the DVD drive and then just go crazy and open up the DVD drive with no instructions to guide us (all Josh baby!) my very talented husband found the tiny piece of plastic that was broken off and jamming the laser reader track.  Yay!  For a mere $7 in tiny screwdrivers, we are back in Guitar Hero business!


I haven't gotten that big into twitter but this post makes me wish I knew people that were this funny.  I was actually crying at some of them.  Must be a blogger thing, or an office thing, as my hubby didn't think they were nearly as funny as I did!