Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Guest Post from Josh - Just to Vent

So we decided to break down and buy new shoes for one of the rigs. Procrastination made it so we need both rigs at about the same time. By the way have you priced tires in the last year? You won't like what you find.

We decided family rig first-since it carries the family more, that one has priority.  

Of course we have been talking about rims for 5 years so why not. Shop around; find some good deals and finally decide on some new American Eagle rims and Toyo tires from Schwabbies. 

Sooo last Friday we drop the big Tahoe off. Once there I am reminded about: mount, balance, lug nuts, valve stems, tax, "Do you want those siped sir, for only $50 it makes the tire....blah blah".        $1700 out the door. Ugh.

After the initial buyers remorse, and a detailed polishing on Saturday, I'm feeling pretty good about the purchase. Definitely sharp looking, and the truck can wait until later in the summer for some new pavement creepers... right? Wrong.

About 18 hours later I'm driving down 240 nursing a slight hangover (from a poker game the night before (a winning effort by the way)) when I notice a funny sound emanating from the passenger side rear, oh yeah its a blow out! 


Okay. Regroup. Think about it for a couple days. Now it official, it's not going to fix itself, I need to do something so off to Schwabs again. Of course I have to have the Toyo MT's and they have to be big so for about $1300 they can be mine; sick to stomach must go home and cry, one more day to think about it. 

Then a ray of hope, good old Apollo comes through. Wednesday I have my annual review and it turns out okay, I get a little ching to help out with the cash hemorrhage I seem to be ailing from. Back down to Schwabs I go (where I am somewhat of a rock star by now) "Go ahead boys make em shine!" I say with gusto "Call me when you're done."

Off I go... 15 minutes later ring ring, thats odd what could they want so quickly? "Mr Prock did you know two of your rims are cracked? We can't mount tires on these death traps... Have you perused our fine selection of custom rims?"

Yes, yes I have. 

Thats my week, hope yours has been better.