Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday - WIAW

Wednesday's not over yet but I was just discussing my lunch with a co-worker and realized how different my meals look than they used to.  Being a nutrient seeker (or at least being aware) makes food combinations look a little funny!

Breakfast was rushed this morning so I had my typical Via, Vital Proteins Collagen and Grassfed cream iced coffee. Instead of my usual smoothie, I had to make due with an Exo Bar.

Lunch today had to make up for my lack of greens at breakfast so I had 2 cups of spinach, a container of Good Foods chunky guacamole and sardines. Thank goodness for Costco! I topped it with some Himalayan pink salt and a bit of rice wine vinegar. I was prepared to choke it down but it was actually pretty good! I love anything that resembles tuna salad I guess.
I'm trying not to drink much while I eat to make sure my stomach acid isn't diluted but I'm really looking forward to heading to Starbucks in a bit for an iced Passion Tea! I'm also really enjoying the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Honey Mint (only 3 ingredients) that I'm eating right now to get rid of my fishy breath. Tonight, I'm making The Domestic Man's Shepherd's Pie for dinner, mmmm! So good!