Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Added Twitter updates to the sidebar because my life is sooo fascinating that I know you can't wait a week for a blog post.  Actually, you'll probably wait two weeks for a tweet as I keep forgetting about it!  Warning...I usually tweet from my iPhone so grammar and spelling are usually a mess and evidenced by the "rickets" tweet.

Grouchy Mom/ Fun Mom

Way more grouchy than fun lately, I think.  But tonight we had some rain and Josh let Brody go out to play in it.  I decided I'd needed to be fun mom and go out there with him.  We stomped and splashed and played until we got Boone to come out too.  Then Boone and I got cold and came inside.  Brody is like his cousin, Dylan.  He could be in 40 degrees in a tee shirt and it doesn't bug him a bit.

I tried to upload some video Steph took of Boone's t-ball game but it was too grainy by the time it uploaded.  We'll take the camera this week and get some video.  It is hysterical.  Boone and Ian think that you get a point every time you get the ball, so fielding is becoming way cooler that batting.  I never thought that would happen.  Most practices include one of us trying to distract Brody to keep him from running on the field yelling "My Turn!" That kid is gonna be one heck of an athlete, or at least a Sports Fanatic.