Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is What a Good Day Looks Like

I've had this pic since April to post but I was so irritated with what followed that it took a while to get it up.
This is a great day in the life of Brody.  Spiderman boxers over a diaper, rubber boots, transformers and swords.  Throw in a little "Mr. Men" on Tivo and life couldn't be much better.  

Unless of course you find yourself  a little bored while Mom and Brother are filling up the Q-Tip holder.  Then, it becomes necessary to climb the hall closet, grab the BRAND NEW bottle of Dimetap, work the child proof lid off, and dump the ENTIRE contents of the bottle onto the carpet (all within about two minutes)!

He was actually trying to pour it into the medicine cup and missed, so I wasn't even thinking about the fact that he might have swallowed a large amount until I called Josh to complain.  Good Parent/Nurse huh!  So I smelled his breath and my new found fears were put to rest.  Definitely no yummy grape breath there!