Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Little Braggin'

The obsession with Guitar Hero has faded a bit but Jason came this weekend and we've been playing a ton.  He and Josh left to get dinner when this happened and I knew they wouldn't believe me so I made sure I had proof!

My first 100%!  Still just playing medium but I was excited anyway.  The other score is Boone's first attempt at playing on Easy since we were playing Legends of Rock.  He is used to the beginner option on World Tour.  Fun Stuff!

Sweet Nieces

The most recent pics of the girls in my life, with the exception of Kylee.  That's just because I was too chicken to take my camera out in the rain on Easter.

Baby Lauren won't be a baby for much longer as she turns one in May.  Such a sweet girl who loves her big cousins.  She took two steps to her auntie last weekend!

Though it might night be her best side, this picture is for reference.  Those of you who've known me since this sweet baby came into my life over 12 years ago won't believe how tall this girl is. Ashley is only about an inch shorter than I am and her feet are bigger!  I hid some eggs at Easter where only she would be able to reach them; if I could reach it, I knew she could.  She is the best sister and cousin.  I am so excited to watch her grow into a young woman.