Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Dust Please!

Just a request for some positive vibes for my sis-in-law Elissa. She's had some pretty horrific experiences with kidney stones during her pregnancy and is miserable. She's been hospitalized a couple of times for pain management and hydration. They were supposed to do an amnio this week to see if baby Lauren's lungs are mature enough to schedule an induction. Although I am so excited to meet that little baby, I want her to be healthy and strong too! Elissa is 36 weeks this week so I am sure that baby will be okay should they decide to go ahead with it. Especially since she's a tough little girl!

Here is Elissa at her baby shower this weekend. She was such a trooper!

Things I am Looking forward to...

  1. Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac arriving on my doorstep tomorrow
  2. New Banners for the blog coming soon (see #1)
  3. Getting older and better this month
  4. "RENT" in May
  5. A visit to Sequim (date TBD)
  6. Mottet in July
  7. Seeing Jack J. in the Gorge in August
  8. Maui 2009 here we come!