Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Magical Amount

Last time I checked "The Truth" campaign was designed to prevent kids from taking up smoking. Well, my kid is walking around singing this song like its from a Disney movie or something. He loves the catchy tune. 

When I told Boone that it was about cigarettes and how yucky they were, he said "Cigrits Mom, then why is it the 'magical amount'?" Great... That is yet another reason for absolutely no media exposure for kids.


Nana (or Boone @ Nana's) took this picture originally. I tweaked it a bit; been working on eyes. Not that his need much work...


Hooray!  I got my new Photoshop Elements and I am done trying to pull my hair out.  Turns out it isn't so compatible with iPhoto but I think I have it figured out.  I haven't made a banner yet but I made a quick scrapbook layout with Ali Edward's Quick Pages kit.  Here it is...

You may have to click it to make it large enough to see the detail!