Friday, September 3, 2010

33 for 33 Update - 4 months in...

  1.  Run a 5K (Did a 2 mile race in July)
  2. Achieve a "normal" BMI (so very close, 2# away)
  3. Wear a bikini - even if just in private (Do Tankinis count?  Didn't think so)
  4. Take a photography class (Took one online - but haven't practiced much)
  5. Get a new tattoo
  6. Hike Badger 5 times (2 times so far)
  7. Eat more veggies daily
  8. Go on a weekend trip away with no kids (Adult weekend at the Roberts Cabin in June)
  9. Take a family vacation (Not quite what we planned but we took a 3 day trip to Silverwood)
  10. Finish our shop (Done enough to count, still waiting for power)
  11. Move into our new house (I think I'll be cutting this one a little close)
  12. Plant a garden
  13. Pay off the Tahoe (Would be moving along faster if we hadn't purchased a "new" truck)
  14. Decrease non-mortgage debt (Moving right along - boat is paid off)
  15. Practice Yoga weekly
  16. Scrapbook monthly (not so much)
  17. Sew Something
  18. Go Kayaking
  19. Float the River
  20. Go Wine Tasting
  21. Sell our house  (Yay -we closed this week)
  22. Go white water rafting
  23. Finish 5 books on Good Reads list - not new additions (one down - 3 currently underway)
  24. Smile More
  25. Go on adventure walks with boys monthly
  26. Get a massage
  27. Build a piece of furniture
  28. Keep a one sentence journal for a month
  29. Monthly game/movie nights with kids
  30. Finish my "Encyclopedia of Me"
  31. Volunteer
  32. Improve/Maintain/Make New Friendships
  33. Make more desserts!
So that's where I am at so far!  I still have a lot to do, some of which will be pretty difficult without a house to live in.  The sun is fading fast too, so I am afraid all of my water adventures won't come to fruition either; considering we didn't even un-winterize (is that a word?) our boat this year.

There are still a lot of adventures to be had...