Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Old Dog

Tug has managed to make it through this winter which I am so grateful for!  He looks and acts a heck of a lot older than 10.5 years old.  He always has...but it is hard to be as spry as his older sister.  His arthritis has gotten so bad that he is getting to be a pretty spendy dog to keep around too.  Poor guy can barely lift his legs to step up onto his bed if he doesn't have his medicine.

He has trimmed down a bit which is a never ending battle for the old blondes in this family!  But that does seem to help him out a bit.  He loves his food as much as ever, and continues to do his hippity hop off of his front legs when it might possibly be time to eat!  Every once in awhile, he gets a little rowdy with Elly, though she always manages to remind him who really is the alpha in our house (or beta I guess, as Josh truly is their alpha)!

He is still the best snuggler and could care less who lays across him.  Most nights you'll find the cat snuggled between his legs on his bed.  He feigns disdain, but I can tell he really does enjoy it.  I will really miss the guy when its time to let him go, though I am sure we will find reminders of his yellow hair until I am an old woman!