Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter for the Prock Clan

We found some sand in the bath tub before the mornings bath and Boone was convinced that the Easter Bunny must have washed his feet before he left their baskets.  Daddy's friends also left a present of two beer cans in our front yard and he was also very concerned that the Easter Bunny might have littered! After Bunny Baskets we drug our Daddy out of the house and headed to Gram and Papa's for our First Hunt of the day.

It was a group effort to find the "golden" that, in the end, Ashley graciously shared with Boone!

The Second Hunt of the day was after a yummy Easter dinner at Nana's.  Boone, who "couldn't eat another bite" before dinner started, ate two pieces of ham.

Boone stayed a little more focused this year and seemed to have a lot of fun.  Brody gets lots of help since he is the baby.  But really, he doesn't seem to need it.  He loves to hunt up the eggs.  The kids were so nice and gracious this year, making sure everyone had enough eggs.  Listening to them say things like "I just got one, you take that one" really does a mother/auntie's heart good.

Hope you all had a Hoppy Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Just Say Hi!

SItting here while the Josh and the buds are playing Texas Hold'em, though they just say poker. I think the hold'em part might make them feel dirty. Decided to play with Just Say Hi again...

51% Geek

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Our baby is TWO! And that is exactly how you say it..."I TWO!" as you hold up four fingers. We had all plans to be completely done with the binky today too but last week when we asked if you remembered what was going to happen when you turned two, you said "I pay baseball". We said "no, no more binky when you turn two" You replied pensively "no...three" Already bargaining with us little man!

When you came to join us at 12:25 am on March 18th you were 26 minutes too late for the St. Patrick's Parties. I was so happy to have avoided a trip to the hospital for your birth. I got to have the natural birth that I wanted so badly and go home with a 9 pound 5 oz baby to boot! You have provided us with plenty of challenges and made us humble as we realized that we really weren't spectacular parents. Your brother was just a really easy first child. You make us earn our titles of Mom and Dad on a daily basis.

Our family was complete with your arrival. Two kids and two parents, what could be better? Your laugh fills me up everyday! I hope you have all that your heart desires and more my little man.

Love, Mama

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Any Idea Who This Is???

I was uploading photos from my camera and found a picture of this really crazy guy. Random people taking pictures with my camera...Any one know who it is???

Hey There Delilah

No offense the The Plain White Tees but I was dying laughing last night on our way home from the hockey game and we heard this coming from the back seat.  Excuse the blackout but it was quite dark out and the camera was the only recording device I had. Here is a picture with flash so you get the whole idea...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Boone @ Breakfast

While eating Raisin Bran...

Boone: Mom, is this part the bran?
Me: Yes honey, its called a bran flake.
Boone:  So they cook the corn flakes 'til they turn in to bran flakes, add the raisins and put them in a box.  That's how they make Raisin bran!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Owls? WHO Knew?

I love these things!  Growing up our house was full of owls of all kinds (collectible ones, not big birds flapping about puking pellets up everywhere).  I really did not like them.  There are very few in my mother's long since buried collection that I am even partially attached to.  But I find myself really drawn to these little guys (and several others like them) lately.  They have to be these cute little 70's cartoon owls though.  Like the the Tootsie Pop owl, I guess. They really are so cute.  I think I need one of these little buddies for my scrapbook room someday!