Monday, August 31, 2009

Time for Change

Today was sort of Boone's first day of school! We had a small group conference to meet the teacher and settle in for 45 minutes. Boone is doing great but our little guy is taking it hard. It was really hard for him to leave for Angie's without Boone.

Brody was thrilled to see his brother when he got back (before 10 am) but the change was still nagging at him all day. He was so emotional when I picked him up and kept saying things like "It's just Boone's lucky day" or "It's only your special day". He has worked so hard to be like the big boys and now they are all playing soccer and leaving for school. It will take some adjustment for the little man, but he'll make it. He is going to start taking a backpack to Angie's too, just for his preschool projects. Less clutter in the cubby, that should make Angie happy :)