Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Hanging at home with the boys today after Boone spent Monday afternoon throwing up!  
  2. My scale is slowly recovering from the shock I gave it after a fun cabin weekend with Josh and the Roberts'.  
  3. The boys are a week into their short summer hair cuts with no sun to keep their poor heads warm.
  4. The shop is more than half way done and is going to stay that way for three weeks (Cabin Weekend, Hoopfest, and Mottet).
  5. Interviewing a new realtor tomorrow.
  6. Loving all of my new CAbi clothes, can't wait to see the fall line.
  7. Wishing we were planning a vacation this summer!
  8. Wanting to go run today but think that Josh's 5:30 tee time will probably keep that from happening.
  9. Crossed one of the five Badger Mountain hikes off of my list for the year.
  10. Pretty excited that there is a new Ramona movie coming out.