Monday, March 21, 2011

Ten for (almost) Tuesday

1.  Brody had his 5 year well child exam yesterday.  It was not a fun time when he needed his two shots, that kids is strong and loud.  Funny how much less embarrassed I am with him than I would have been with Boone.  A second child makes you humbler for sure.

2.  My race results were better than I thought but I am only on one of the finishers lists on  Somehow I got missed on the main spreadsheet.  Good Thing I found this though:

3.  We are finally getting the stamped concrete sealed today and the exterior paint prep will start too!

4.  Boone is on his second round of antibiotics for an elusive sinus infection - seems to take after his Gram. Josh went to bed early tonight fighting early cold-like symptoms.

5.  The boys are both waking up to alarm clocks and getting themselves dressed.  This has been a wonderful month of mornings!

6.  The age of my poor Tahoe is finally starting to show.  It was a rough winter outdoors but it will be paid off at the end of the month.  This will be the first time I've kept a car (payment free) and not run out to replace it.  I don't think we have ever even paid off one of my cars before.  We did keep the Bronco payment free for quite a while but added a second child in childcare to offset that savings.

7.  My parents are in Kauai right now with my Aunt and Uncle. They ate rice and Portuguese sausage and eggs for breakfast and I was very jealous.

8.  I am taking two trips within two months coming up really soon - Minnesota in early April and Las Vegas in early June.  Two very different packing efforts.

9.  I am listening to my old Tug Dog snore next to me and wondering how much longer I'll get to hear those noises.

10.  We get our couch delivered Tuesday afternoon between 1 and 3pm-Oh Happy Day!!!