Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Love

Right now, I'm really trying to get back into memory keeping of some sort. I'm still trying to decide if it will be through scrapbooking, blogging, or just journaling. I really like the Day One app. This lets me add photos to journaling, keeps track of the location of the entry or photo, and even the weather at that time and location. You can add tags and set reminders to encourage you to write.

I suppose this post should be called "What We Love" as I'm not really the one into Minecraft in our family but both boys love it! This is definitely the first time that Josh and I have really had to pay attention to screen time limits for the kids.  Between the i Devices and X-Box, they would spend a lot of time building their universes.  It really is fun to see how clever and creative they are and they work together quite a bit. It is a lot like virtual Lego. I do find myself needing to remind them to play with the real thing sometimes so they actually get some fine motor skills time.

Funny that I've blogged so little lately that almost my last post was about Season 1 of Game of Thrones.  Season 2 just arrived on our porch for a late Valentine's present to Josh and I yesterday.  I really enjoyed the books that the series is based on (though I haven't managed to finish the most recent one yet) and they are doing a pretty good job staying staying true. The casting is phenomenal too. But what I love most is that Josh and I get to snuggle up on the couch for some grown up alone time to watch it.

Ahh...Mumford and Sons. They've been on my fave list for awhile but it seems like they are everywhere now. Love these guys and really all of this style of music. So glad there is so much of it out there right now...The Lumineers, Edward Sharpe, and the boys love Of Monsters and Men.

How can you not love REI, besides Costco, its one of the few stores Josh and I both love to shop. We've been there a lot this past year and the most recent sale was good for me. Josh got me a Kuhl Shirt and REI running jacket for Valentine's Day and I just got a pair of Dansko clogs of their clearance shoe rack for half off - the only pair was in my size!!