Monday, August 25, 2008


Having fun with this little website to keep a longer record of my twitter tweets.  You can subscribe to it in a reader just like a blog.  This is pretty geeky but see if you can follow my reasoning.

I use Twitter to record funny little blips that the kids say or we do.  Things that really aren't blog worthy.  Well, Twitter doesn't keep that stuff indefinitely but I can use Tumblr to automatically import them and keep a record of them.  Also now use Jott even more since  I can verbally Jott to Twitter and it will do voice to text transcription.  Not always very accurately, sometimes humorously (Josh had one today that turned "conduit" to "cock duet").  And all of this is supposed to make my life easier?  HA!  

Stupid Jack Johnson! Edited

Just Kidding!

Actually, that is exactly what Greg and Josh would say whenever anything questionable would happen on our trip to the concert.  And now...

I had completely forgotten about what Rebecca had said happened with the hits on her blog after posting about seeing a certain famous Leo at a museum.  I am getting random visits from all over the world.  They are probably really disappointed when they get here!

ETA: I think maybe my Feedjit was freaking out.  Now it is back to just listing you normal, safe folks!