Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost Mottet 2008

This year we didn't quite make it to Mottet for our traditional 4th of July Camping Trip.  Josh, Steph, and Greg trekked up there the week before we went up and found 3-6 foot snow drifts where we normally camp.  They couldn't even drive all the way to the campsite.  So this year we camped quite a bit farther down the mountain.  It was a little more work to set up camp than usual as evidenced by this picture of Josh and Stephen.

The boys (young and old) spent a lot more time on quads and motorcycles this year.  Look at Brody throwing his leg over like a pro.  He just sat on the bike a lot, unless his Daddy or Uncle T put his helmet on him to take him on a dirt bike ride.  He actually rode a quad with Stacee one afternoon and fell asleep during the ride.  It was all she could do to keep his head upright with his big old helmet on.

Boone is learning but with a really rocky road and no training wheels it was a bit of a challenge.  More so for Josh who had to keep up with the motorcycle by running along side.

Josh and Steph figure they are going on about 15 or so years of making this trip together!

It seemed like a lot more work to me this year.  Not as much free time for relaxing, reading, and taking walks.  It was a little bit of a let down.  It couldn't possibly be 'cause I was constantly after this little guy, runny nose and all.  What a dirt-ball!  I learned a lot about packing clothes for camping this year.  Brody makes laundry like nobody's business on a camp out.  Boone was remarkably clean though.  I am seriously thinking about becoming a trailer camper just to be able to have enough water to hose him down twice a day or more.  They both slept great during the colder than usual nights.  Must have been totally warn out!

Now for next year...we expect those of you who didn't make it to show up.  I am talking to you Bland's, Miller's and Watson Boys (girls too if they want).

More pics are up at The Prock Life in Photos.