Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Resolutions - What are they really and do they even work?

I've never been a big resolution maker.  I like to say its because I'm realistic but maybe its because I'm lazy. And January never really seems to be a great starting point for me, there is always just so much going on.  Perhaps its the school geek in me, but September always makes so much more sense as a starting point. 

I've made quite a few fundamental changes in the last six months I'm going to use the traditional January kickoff to articulate them and my intentions regarding them versus start something new.  I've been reading that focusing on habit creation is much more effectives and produces better outcomes than setting a large goal.

I've also chosen One Little Word or Word of the Year before but haven't attached that word in a concrete and global way to my life.  I think a valuable word or mantra as a focus will be so much more meaningful if it can be applicable in various areas.  I'm going to spend some concrete time focusing on my word and how it can help me to define goals or habits in many areas of my life.

Areas that I'd like to address should include things such as Health, Career, Family, Friendship, Love, Happiness, Spirituality, Creativity, Travel, Money, Education etc. The word that is speaking to me the most right now is NOURISH. Hopefully I can use that word to define and put some new good habits into place.

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